Real Collector Stories – Tropical Breeze Leegeta’s Land of Nostalgia!

Meet real collectors, see their treasures, learn about their fandoms, and get to know the people behind the collections in the ‘Real Collector Stories’ series.

Name / Username: @tropical_breeze_leegeta

Where are you from?:

That famous Frank Sinatra song, New York

Tell us about yourself and your life beyond your fandom:

I’ve been a collector of many things pretty much my whole life. My two biggest passions is My Little Pony and Spawn. But I’m into so much stuff it can be hard to keep up.  Outside of geek world, my job is law and medical technician, not what you would expect right? Lol

What is your fandom?:

My little pony, spawn, marvel, disney, there is so many to list, but check out my page daily and you will see 😊.

How did you become apart of this fandom?:

I was born into it. Being an 80s child ruined my adult hood haha

What do you love most about your fandom?:

Meeting and interacting with people with the same interests!

What do you collect?:

Everything , funko pops, MLP, Spawn,  marvel legends, video games, 80s toys, comics, except sports, not a sports person at all lol


What is your favourite item you own and why?:

My mint in box Tropical Breeze My Little Pony from Italy 🇮🇹

What is the first item that started your collection?:

It started with rubber duckies. I always wanted to have a rubber ducky and then started to collect them for a short time lol then i found ebay and searched My Little Pony and that’s when i lost my wallet lol

What does your collection / fandom mean to you?:

It means everything. It represents me on every level, Like Kim Kardashian and her rear end🍑.

What are your top buying / collecting tips?:

Research. Always research your items and know what your buying. Closely look at the pictures because sometimes sellers don’t know what imperfections you are looking out for.

What are your other hobbies and interests?:

I like making dragons out of polymer clay and making video game sprites out of perlerbeads

What’s on your Wishlist?:

More vintage he-man/she-ra stuff

What are your top 3 favourite Instagram accounts?:

@toyboxleonie @shelvesofwhimsy @zombiefight13. Although these are not celebrities, I enjoy their pictures and they seem like wonderful people. A lot of my followers/people who like my page seem like genuine people. It’s tuff for me to only pick just 3.



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